Tis the Season for Zigging but Let’s Not Get Carried Away, Thanks to All For the Fun Party!

While today is not our Zigg day, we did want to let you know our little island is growing crowded this morning, which often happens this time of the year.

Moderation of sentiment might be a good idea, as we would hate to see the boats that are arriving today on our shores, turn around, after a less than expected big meeting in EU land, which occurs mid week in the wee hours of the morning US time.

It’s ok if we have company, we just hate the fair weather friends. So let’s not get carried away.

We also want to thank everyone who attended our Holiday Party over the weekend, you make every minute great, and we appreciate you!

Thanks as well to the helpful folks at the DAC, especially Janet, Evelyn, Chef Ellis, and Tony the Bartender. Great job folks!

While the weather did not turn out great, we much appreciate all that ventured out, and those who were counting, I did manage to cross the finish line in the White Rock 1/2 in just over 2 hours Sunday morning, wet and cold, all the way to the bone.

Have a Great Day and Thanks Again!

Talk to you soon!



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