5 Holiday Positive Ziggs For a Special Happy Seasonal Week!

While the Zaggers have somewhat rested their swords, they are still lurking. We decided to have a somewhat sentimental positive Zigg while others Zagg this week, so we hope you enjoy.

  1. Many things we have today, we probably wished for 10 Years Ago : This lead off positive represents many of the successes we take for granted. We bet you can think of numerous items that fall into this category, pat yourself on the back, and thanks for making a super positive seasonal Zigg lead off, and a self congratulations and satisfaction for your accomplishments.
  2. If you are reading this, we are better off than Many : People still do not have the luxury of even a simple computer and an internet connection. Often times lost in the Zaggers rhetoric of slow growth, politics ect…is how fortunate we are to live the way we do, and have the wonderful opportunities we have, which makes for our second seasonal Zigg positive.
  3. Iraq War is Over : The Zaggers are yelling already, and while it is never a perfect fix, many soldiers who did a wonderful job, not to mention, risked or lost their lives, get to spend time back home with their families. Few will argue the situation there is better than before, maybe not perfect, whatever exactly that is, but much better. This makes for a long-term Zigg positive for our soldiers, the situation country and the soldier’s families.
  4. Spending Time With Those Important : This is the time of year that passes so quickly, as before we know it, January is here, and we race into summer. Another Zigg positive goes to all those who are fortunate enough to spend time with those important in their respective lives.
  5. Glad Not to Be : Occasionally a positive comes from not being someone (attempting to be humorous.) Such names as Sheen, Weiner, Kardashian, or even a Baldwin as of late, we can all be glad not to have a name such as theirs.  It’s always a positive just to be yourself, but without our Zigging, we may forget.

That’s your special Holiday Zigg positives this week, with a focus on non-financial items for your reading pleasures.  Yes, we kept the wonderful economic news, terrific capital market movement, EU bazooka, and payroll tax moves out of our Zigg positives this week.  It wasn’t easy, but well worth it, given the message we wanted to deliver this week. Cheers !

Have a Super Weekend and a Very Special Season.

Thanks for taking time to read, and be safe in your travels!

We appreciate you all more than you know !!




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