5 Biggest Zigg Positives of the Year 2011

As a special positive Zigg while others are Zagging, Friday, the last business day of the year, we wanted to Zigg our top 5 for the year.

We hope you enjoy our Ziggs and have a safe and Happy New Years:

On May 1, 2011 American troops storm Osama Bin Laden’s hiding post, which leads to our first and often forgotten consequential positive. After a decade of hiding, Bin Laden is finally caught. Later in the year, on Sept 11, 2011, exactly 10 years to the day, the 911 Memorial Ground Breaking takes place in New York, solidifying our first Zigg positive for the year 2011.

March 11, 2011 marked the first official notification of Japan’s Earthquake. Remembering the early am terribly inaccurate reports of approximately 10 deaths, and a bit of minor destruction, which we now all know was much greater destruction by mother nature, and the eventual fighting of nuclear fallout. Our second positive goes to our Asian trading partners for the ability to rebound, rebuild, and repair.

A Collage of Societal Positives: Facebook pushes towards 1 Billion users and communication across nations and the world expands with the internet’s indifference to geography, religion, language, government, or time; Drunk Driving Falls to lowest level in 17 years; Violent Crimes fall to lowest level in 40 years, and teen pregnancy falls to lowest rate in 70 years, all making for excellent positives in our own Zigging way.

On July 21, 2011, mission STS-135, Atlantis, docks marking the final space shuttle orbit. In a, “how time flies“, Zigg positive, after 30 years, the Space Shuttle completes its last mission. Looking forward to more Zigg positives, NASA plans to eventually launch bigger, and more sophisticated crafts.

Our last Zigg, goes out to the general positives of the Globe. Yes, there are conflicts, but for the most part we are all getting along. Of course we could all be growing faster and more prosperous, but for the most part, as a world, we are better off today, than we were one year ago.  Again, with some exceptions, we all have access to better health solutions than a year earlier, capping a year of terrific Ziggs.

That’s it, as we say goodbye to 2011 and hello 2012!

We thank you all for Zigging with us, commenting, sharing with your friends and family, and appreciate your time.

Have a Great Day and a spectacular New Year’s, be safe, we will see you on the other side!




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