Question of the Week, Including a Personal Story…. “How Frequently Should I Review My Will?”

Our question of the week, this week, comes from our field of dream clients again (that’s you guys), but is also part of our regular repertoire of questions we ask when meeting new clients. This weeks answer comes with a slight twist due to possible tax law changes.

From our question one can infer we recommend everyone have a Will. Even if your situation is relatively simple, a lack of Will directives can extend the process in time and increase financial costs.  As an example, my Uncle passed away about 13 years ago and was single with no children. Unfortunately his Will could not be found. While his estate was not complicated, the lack of organization and direct beneficiaries strung the settling of his estate process out to almost 2 years, and greatly increased the expenses.

We recommend a review of your Will at least every 5 years or earlier if your situation changes. By dusting off that Will and reviewing the major players (Executor, Trustee, Guardian, Power Of Attorney) you may find someone in the document you have lost contact with, or whom a better person may fit today. Take action and call your Attorney to have these folks updated, it is an easy process and well worth your time in the long run. 

Here is the Twist:

There are possible major Estate law changes on the horizon which we will constantly be notifying you of over the next several quarters. Given this fact dramatic estate planning changes may be ill-advised at this time. Please do not take this as a reason to procrastinate necessary updates, but there are significant tax laws sun setting at the end of this year. 

We are not attorneys or attempting to practice law so see your attorney for that, but do dust off that Will if it has not seen light in over 5 years, you might be surprised at what you find!

Next week, we have a CFA related event that brings Donald in town for a whirl wind tour and a meeting of self-professed expert forecasts for the year 2012 (we will bring you the commentary.)  Office upgrades continue as this week brings a new high-tech trading platform and a Tamarac system,  which we will explain soon.

Have a Super Day and A Great Weekend, and don’t worry Zigg is doing fine!



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