Life Changes and Needs, Don’t Worry We Take Care of Almost Everything !

As we go through life our name, address, and beneficiaries may change on our various documented items. Not to worry, our job is to take care of this for you. That’s what we do!  While you can call directly to various vendors, we have direct (usually electronic) access that can efficiently and correctly make those life changes.

We also interface with various outside sponsors such as your 401k provider, HR person, company trustee, as well as your Tax and Estate professional.  Often times we have an inside direct contact through our 20+ years of similar experiences. We are always happy to make new contacts as well.

Whether a simple address change, a catch-up 401k election, or a pension maximization analysis, just to name a few, do not hesitate to call us, that is our job!  If we cannot complete it directly, we will certainly discover the correct answer and make it easier for you, while keeping good records, and helping effectuate your desired change.

Our job is to make your life easier!

As you read this today, I will be traveling out-of-town for a quick, in-state, turn around trip, but will be in “Constant contact, I am sure!” as Cathy mentioned to me as she left the office Tuesday …… Hey, what’s wrong with multi-tasking?

Have a Great Day!



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