Reflections From A Speaking Experience to Future Investment Professionals, Glad To Speak to Your Group

As mentioned earlier, on Saturday, February 17, 2011 I had the opportunity to speak to a large group of Graduate students in the statewide TIPS competition.

After a short 45 minute speaking engagement titled “In the Trenches with Private Wealth Management” alongside my friend, fellow portfolio manager, and planner, Leah Bennett, I again was rewarded with the wonderful feeling of accomplishment associated with helping people, in this case, future investment professionals of our society.

Glad to Speak to Your Group !

If a group you may know of, or may be a part of, has a need for a financial based speaking engagement, I would be glad to speak to your group. Those who may be reading this and are not familiar with our speeches, here are a few quick titles. We have fun with the speeches and NEVER talk product or sales (easy to do since we do not have any products to sell.)

  1. Investing Basics to Advanced decisions
  2. Most Common Financial Planning Mistakes
  3. How to Allocate Your 401k
  4. What You Need to Know If You Are About to Retire

One of the Most Nervous Speeches I Have Had

In full disclosure, I was more nervous before this event than I had been in many years. My concern was that students (shorter attention spans these days) would find it boring or too slow. With an audience full of future investment advisors, the bulk of my talk was a self chosen “day in the life” of my world.  I outlined a full day from waking to sleep.  To my relief, students expressed great interest, and my fellow portfolio manager Leah, expressed many of the same thoughts. It was a win, win, wonderful speaking experience!

Favorite Questions From The Audience

  • “What single most important item have you learned from your investment management years?”  Leah and I both agreed on this, She/I are more conservative investors.
  • “What is your favorite sources of news?” Financial Times over Wall Street Journal, Wire Services, and Econoday, CNBC Trails deeply due to sensationalism.
  • “What does it take to be a successful investor?” Again, Leah and I totally agreed on this; Have a constant passion for the industry! We both mentioned in our off time, we constantly read an educate ourselves about the industry, changes, and new occurrence (it’s not work, more like a fun treasure hunt.)

Rather than test YOUR attention span on a super long post,  I will discuss very interesting comments (first I have ever heard from a Fed Official publicly) from the key-note Dallas Fed Reserve speaker Dr. Harvey Rosenblum.

Thanks for reading and have a Super Day !



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