Spring Break, Third Time is a Charm…Fingers Crossed

Tomorrow starts spring break at our household, even if the kids are saying it starts at 3 pm today, when school is out. We are planning on returning to a relatively new place for our family for the third time in the last year.

Our inaugural trip marked the terrible Japan earthquake, followed by a return, but delayed trip in late summer. The late summer trip was delayed due to the finalization of the debt ceiling vote. Our best intentioned trip marked the beginning of the Greek problems along with the first ever US debt downgrade.  You cannot make this up !!

By rough calculations, our 10 days presence at our destination has been associated with about 10% capital market movement. Fingers crossed….By taking note of this fact, we hope to extinguish the possibility of a third time is the charm event!

Have a Super Day and a Great Weekend!

I will be out most of next week, but will gladly be tethered electronically.




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