Why We are A Fiduciary, A Personal Story Resurrected From a NY Times Op-Ed Article

This morning there is an Op-Ed Article in the NY Times from a 10+ year former employee of a large investment bank that is sure to make for conversation. The main theme of the statement is that this particular employee left the firm because in his view, the firm profits were taking priority over the client’s best interests.

With no insights into the accuracy of this person’s statements, I will share with you a defining moment in my career that somewhat rings similar. Very early in my career, well over fifteen years ago, I returned from a client appointment to be chewed out by my manager. In his opinion,  I had failed by doing right by the client and not offering/selling the most profitable product for the firm. It was an easy decision at that point to make plans to begin a career outside of such pressures.

We, as a Fiduciary for our clients, operate in the best interest of the client in all cases, not the company, not the vendor, only the client. It is a nice place to work and makes our careers much more rewarding. Does this mean we will not make mistakes? Of course not, we will, but we will always have client best interests at heart.

Since we work from a glass half full position, we will cut this post short rather than pour gasoline on a negative subject.  It is worth noting that not all relationships in our lives have the ability to work in a Fiduciary manner. Keeping track of who is on your side and who is not, is sometimes challenging.  We are glad to be here with you, on your side!

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