Zigg Drops By, Reminding Us to Stay “On Guard”… A Few Funny Quotes from Break

Zigg dropped by from his extended sabbatical to remind us of staying disciplined. 

In the vein of the worst mistakes are made at the most profitable moments, we recall the importance of staying “On Guard” and not letting our defenses down.

As markets trudge higher and mostly ignore any negative data, it is critical to rebalance to the correct allocation. At this time that will most likely mean selling portions of equity positions (sell high) and re-deploy to other areas that have not participated in the move (buy low.)  It feels so much easier to do just the opposite, buy high, but history shows that does not do much for our pocket books.

Favorite quotes from our New Mexico trip, which we returned from yesterday evening. “We can’t be back in Texas, there are no tall buildings” Pierce, “How much farther?” One hour into a MUCH longer drive, Sophia.

Glad to go and knock the rust off, but also glad to be back.

Have a Great Day and a Super Weekend!


PS The drive offered great progress on a sports themed Newsletter.

PSS We are working on something exciting and new, a timely private event for you, clients, business friends, and readers, details not yet complete, but looking good!



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