Zigg is Back with a Friday Question: “A Market/House on Rock or Sand?”

Zigg, in his usual contrarian way, stepped from his island, which is full of fair weather fans and mentioned an old fable for thoughts on the current market.

According to Zigg, a possible way to paraphrase certain markets is similar to the fabled wolf and pig story.

A Capital Market/House on firm footing:

  • Strong Earnings
  • Heavy Trading Volumes
  • Early in the Economic Cycle
  • Stable Interest Rate Policy 

A Capital Market/House on Less firm footing, according to Zigg:

  • Weak Trading Volume
  • Decreasing Earnings Growth
  • Mid to Late Economic Cycle
  • Political and Geographic uncertainty

While we agree with Zigg in certain areas, unlike our fabled friends, capital markets can transplant their foundations very easily, however it is still worth staying on guard and watching for strong winds, just in case.

Have a Great Day!




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