Intrade, a Non-Sports Odds Making Exchange

Have you wondered what the odds of a certain person being elected president are? How about the odds of a Cap and Trade system for emissions being passed before a certain time?

Intrade, a non-sports related probability exchange site has emerged as an excellent source for non-sports related betting, and more importantly for our use, odds making. We do not recommend, nor have we ever placed a bet on Intrade, however, many others have, which allows for a probability to be established. Since these probabilities are formed with real dollars exchanging hands, often times large quantities, we find this source interesting.

Here are a few of the most popular contracts currently, which will be continuously updated:

The current odds of Obama being re-elected.

Price for 2012 Presidential Election Winner (Individual) at

The current odds of Romney becoming president.

Price for 2012 Presidential Election Winner (Individual) at

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