Greek Relief deafened by the Pain in Spain

The weekend elections in Greece provided for the best possible results for Greece to stay in the Euro, (some candidates were adamant that an immediate break was necessary) and while our Asian market friends applauded in relief, the good feeling was gone before the rest of the world could wake.

Spain 10 year government bond yields have once again jumped over 7%, a so-called threshold rate for ongoing operations by a government. We have a detailed analysis on this in our upcoming Newsletter, currently under production but in the interim have included this chart from Bloomberg.

As a follow up from our prior post the PGA’s US Open garnered an american as the winner, but in true small world fashion, the leaderboard was stacked with half of the top 10 players from International locations.

For those curious, our char broiled out-of-state family destination is just fine, however there is a VERY strong contingency of ongoing firefighters, who at present have 60% of the fires under control, all of which are well north of our location.

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