Eating Crow; Twitter Very Useful for Us

As the saying goes “Never say never” or you might end up like me, eating crow.

When Twitter first hit the scene I pounded my chest saying it would never work. Who needs a 140 character blast, especially if it were from a Kardashian or the like.  What I did not understand was the useful side of such a technology.

Twitter has changed much of our research, analysis, and daily reading making my crow rather tasty. Rarely is the program open on my computer and I have never purposely Tweeted anything (once by accident.)  With a grand total of about 30 sites I follow, 4-5 are fed directly to my cell phone. FT (Financial Times) being the most prominent along with several other industry specific feeds. This results in 200-300 tweets daily to my cell, which may sound like a lot, but are quickly scanned for interest throughout the day.

Being careful not to sound like a commercial for Twitter, rather an acknowledgement of something becoming so very useful, and maybe even invaluable,  that once seemed unnecessary.

As I have my crow sandwich today (again), it’s worth remembering to be open to new ideas on anything, but especially investing, business, life, or of course items like the above mentioned technology, as it may help on lowering your crow diet, unlike me at the moment!

Have a Great Day, and as promised, lighter sided week!



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