Sleeping Near Your Handheld Device, 65% Of Adults Do….Spending Time with those Most Important

A 2010 Pew Research study found that 65% of adults sleep with a handheld device at or near their heads while sleeping.

My excuse is we are a no-home-phone family, so I MUST have it close just in case something happens…… hmmmmm.  If you are like me and may need a break from the cell phone phobia or a little more balance, a recent Wharton recommended review (Remaking the Workplace, One Night at a Time) might be the answer.

If your headed to the beach or vacation, here is a great possible reading list, again from the folks at Wharton.

With the constant barrage of information from the likes of twitter, email, wire services, TV, Cable, Video, Podcasts….yes, we can go on and on, it is sometimes hard to turn it off, even for a moment.  Tomorrow is a weekend, give it a shot of turning it off (very much speaking to ourselves here), as while we really enjoy the constant up to the second information, spending undivided time with those important in our life may pay greater dividends. I personally find after a break, I am re-energized as well.

In closing for the latest week, next week (hopefully) we roll out a new form of communication, Podcasts (new page on our  for your diverse listening and update pleasures.  While still in Beta, you should expect raw (rough may be better), unbiased, candid updates and explanations from us in the near future.

Finally……Wow, it was a week that we had a lot to say (some may say too much..haha), we thank all of those for following our work and we appreciate all of you!

Have a Great Friday and a Super Weekend….Don’t forget to cut the electronic tether briefly this weekend for some undivided time to those important in your life!


PS Today I am on an in-state turn around trip, and will be out of the office much of the day.


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