In a sign of good things to come, CFO’s aren’t sleeping with their handhelds!

Last week we concluded a fast and furious article and information filled week with our findings that 65% of adults sleeping with their phones. When you think about it…..really 65% of adults sleep near their hand-held device? …. I thought it was only me.

Well, in a glimmer of light from Robert Half research   completed June 28th, 2012 a few very interesting statistics were found. Their focus was on CFO’s, and given today’s business environment, we all know their collective plates are full. Here is what is interesting, according to the report over 51% of those surveyed (over 1000) said they would not check in during their vacation plans, a dramatic change from just a few years ago!

Here are the complete answers to the frequency of time they may check in during their vacations:

We applaud this study and hope it finds its way into many board rooms. While many like ourselves completely enjoy their work, rest and time with family and friends are needed to recharge those batteries and knock the rust off.

Have a Great Day and a super weekend !



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