The Week that was…EU, Markets, JK Technology Blackout and Podcast Update

After a great week, tomorrow brings another fun summer weekend, we hope you had a fun week as well, and have been able to stay cool, somewhere. With internal and external items occurring this week, we thought it fun to take a look from a macro and somewhat humorous viewpoint.

Greece, and more importantly Spain, have recently taken center stage on the fear front of the EU situation. One week ago today, Spain’s third largest province, Valencia, (think Houston comparison in the US) called in a life line and requested government help as they ran out of funds.

As expected capital markets have cooled as earnings have been good, but given the EU situation and summer doldrums, wide, emotional swings, are expected and we were not let down. We still feel those with a negative posture have the best seat in the house currently.

JK Fin Closet

The client named  J.K. Financial, Inc – Technology Black Out was not to be. With a super high-speed confirmed connection sitting in our closet (see picture), but not connected, the official switchover is delayed until next week due to several absent members of our technology team. We do have two of our six planned HD TV’s working and wires hanging from the ceiling to prove it.  The new temporary numbered VOIP phone is working well, although it has not been stressed tested yet.  It’s all good, as without the adventure we would not have any advancements, not to mention humor in our lives.The promised podcast offering for those interested continues, unfortunately in incubation form, as we have several podcasts complete, but as of yet have not been able to achieve the quality presentation we desire. One technology conquest at a time please….

Have a Great, Safe, and Fun Weekend!



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