Your Tax Payers Dollars Hard at Work (REALLY..Not kidding) …..Last weekend of freedom

There is a somber mood at the Kvale homestead this Friday and heading into the weekend. With the last weekend of freedom ticking down (school starts Monday) and sleep schedules about to be righted, a positive, interesting new tool from our Government crossed my desk this week, and I thought it worth mentioning. Yes, our tax dollars are well at work on this one.

A new site called Geo.Data.Gov at this link has some neat feature worth reviewing.


Here are a few of the features:

  1. Fun family park locations
  2. Dining ratings
  3. Open parking spaces
  4. Generic public requests such as White House Visitor and Overseas Loan requests, just to name a few

While still a work in progress and far from perfect, there are a few areas of this site that might be worth your review, especially if your home is as somber as ours is expected to be this weekend.

Have a Great Weekend and a Super Day!


PS Somehow I managed to be on a plane for about half of the weekend…luck or chance ??


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