Jackson Hole……Now you see it, now you don’t….Office update…Long Weekend…..

As the Labor Day weekend nears all eyes are focused on Big Ben and any secrets he may let slide out the door as the Jackson Hole meetings transpire. Many, present party not included, are wishful for more cowbell/stimulus.  Only time will tell what crumbs fall to us minions for future tea leaf review.

On a much brighter note, (pardon the pun) the Dungeon as we have named our conference room now has a speckle of outside light that shines in, thanks to our new renovations and remodeling.

Speaking of long weekends, Cathy will be out on Friday leaving the phones unmanned. Our thought are that many others will be as well.

Have a Great Long Weekend and enjoy your Labor Day!




8222 Douglas Ave # 590

Dallas, TX 75225

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