Second Guessing……Arm Chair Quarterback……The typo cookie Jar (grrrrr)

While working diligently this weekend on this Quarter’s newsletter, which is probably more critical than any newsletter we have produced since our inaugural almost 10 years ago, I realized how easy it is to be critical from the easy chair.

This weekend I had the opportunity to watch the 2012 Texas Golf Association Mid-Amateur golf matches which concluded Sunday as well as several college football games, a baseball game, and multiple NFL football games (bear with me I know you are wondering where I am going with this.)  With a small runway of experience in golf (played in college) and listening to the critical comments after the rounds as well as the comments on the professional sports mentioned above, I realized how easy it is to be an arm-chair quarterback (second guesser.)

In reality it is just not very easy to make important decisions, especially when it concerns this country (USA) which is one of the largest economies of the world. In true fess up fashion, our upcoming Newsletter is critical, but after this weekend hopefully not overzealous without thoughtfulness of the possible Monday morning quarterback!

On a lighter note, we have a spelling cookie jar that Cathy, our office manager, created about a year ago. What is a typo cookie jar? It is the cost of mistakes I make during these writings. On Friday, after several very early am Starbucks revisions I had a MAJOR headline mistake, “An…..” and it should have been an “A…” in the title. This one cost 10 bucks, the normal, non headline cost is only 5 bucks.  While I am not exactly sure what the final use of the cookie jar proceeds will be, I am sure it is now well over $200…please pardon my mistakes and certainly do not let Cathy know when you see one….. kidding…. Remember we are numbers folks!..haha

Have A Great Monday!


PS For those wondering, 1:55 … and yes pretty sore !

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