Slight tone change…Earning season ok so far…..Happy Weekend

Some days we awake feeling slightly less than 100%, who knows why, but it happens. We detect a similar feeling in the capital markets at the moment. Possibly earnings season, or maybe fatigue, no matter the reason, the capital markets, at least for the moment, are feeling cranky. We will see how long this goes on. (We have been expecting this for some time.)

Earnings season (aka 90 day treadmill) thus far has not been bad. We are pleasantly surprised, however the next two weeks are the  fire hose of reports and we will  have a better picture with more data.  We will keep you updated.

The darn spelling cookie jar received another $10 yesterday as I mistakenly used Mean for Median in the last post, not to worry, it is fixed and my pocket is slightly lighter..haha (I completed that post at 4:30 am…must not have been completely awake…grrrrrr)

Here at home the weekend brings a long run and preparation for a late week travel schedule next week (out Thursday and Friday) as the family continues to get excited about Halloween.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the season change…here in Dallas it was almost 90 yesterday…what fall?


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