The Great Disconnect…Our Worry

With glass half full personalities and attitudes we always error on the greener side of the argument, however when it comes to capital markets and their actions we feel it very important to remain fully objective.

Currently we feel the markets are overvalued due to Bernanke’s “Juice is Loose” monetary program, among other things.  We will know if the fullness of time what the end game is, but here is our concern:

If the capital markets become too disconnected to fundamentals on the upside, this can happen on the downside as well!

Unfortunately, the pain of down market times are much stronger and seem to last much longer (time goes slowly when your sick) than the overly positive antitheses position.

We certainly do not FEAR the disconnect, we just feel it worth reminding you and also ask you remember these “Good” times so we can call on them in the future, as needed.

Today I jump on a plane and head out-of-state for the remainder of the week, however, I will be in constant contact with the office.

Have a Great Day!


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