With the USA Election in the books, key events coming soon!

With the re-election of President Obama, all eyes will turn toward the next hurdles!

We have crowed about the Fiscal cliff and with a decided election vote (no extended time needed for a decision…taxes are set to rise dramatically on 12-31-12) a maximum amount of time is available for getting our taxable ducks in a row.  We know it is a big decision and wish all political participants play nice together and come to a positive decisive resolution (sooner rather than later would be great too!)

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has hit the eject button and will leave his post shortly after year-end as well. Larry Fink of Blackrock is the whispered successor at this time.  This presidential nominated and senate approved post is heavy on work and light on accolades. Capital market participants including ourselves would like a clear runway to the next person holding the post.

Looking even further into the future, FOMC chairman Ben Bernanke has stated he wished to no longer hold his position after year’s end 2013. We will be interested to see if this statement sticks. For those conspiracy theorists, recall Greenspan was repeatedly asked to extend his stay and conceded after multiple retirement announcements.

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