Mind the Negatives…Balance is needed!

Over the last several days during off time I ended up reading a local Newspaper, the old fashion way….paper in hand (how enjoyable this is, being green, most of my subscriptions are digital now.)  Maybe it was the enjoyment of laying the paper across the table and scanning the headlines, or just a holiday perspective that usually goes unnoticed with the normal hustle and bustle of a busy week.  Something worth mentioning really stood out in this business section of the holiday week paper…THE NEGATIVES!

Including the short briefs, there were 17 total articles/headlines. Care to take a guess how many were negative?  Let’s do this another way, there was one, yes, count it, ONE POSITIVE ARTICLE.  (If we stretch it, maybe we could get two positive articles, but the second was a slightly negative unemployment article…again a stretch.)  Maybe it was the actual copy of the paper or the season,  but it came to mind how important it is to guard or at least monitor what we are reading.

Being heavily influenced by what we read and take in, not at least becoming a little negative from a 16 out of 17 headline read is almost impossible.

Here is a quick summary of the most numerous topics:

  • 4 Fraud articles (We wonder why distrust is rampant)
  • 3 Negative company related events
  • 2 Union Failed talks

We certainly live in an uncertain world with a much followed global economy.  As a matter of fact, we constantly look for the negatives here in the office on a daily basis, as the positives will take care of themselves in our opinion, but  we would ask everyone to be careful of their intake and at least take note of the numerous negatives we may be hit with on a daily, or moment by moment basis.  Just as there are always negatives, there are always positives too.

Balance is good !

Have a great day!


PS Welcome back from Thanksgiving !

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