Remember Men in Black with Will Smith “There is always a world crisis!”

Remember the movie “Men in Black” with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones?  In the very first movie, Will Smith plays a cub alien chaser name Jay along with the more experienced Kay played by Tommy Lee Jones. As their first crisis provokes a call into the main station, the chief Zed states the “No need for that…The World is coming to an end!”  The ever calm and collective Kay says “Relax kid…the world is always coming to an end and there is always a world crisis!”

World Crisis

With the bombardment of touches from news sources, strategically placed flat screen TV’s, and freelance bloggers (present party included) there is an abundance of sources competing for our attention, sometimes with overzealous proclamations!

Relax…..there is always crisis going on…somewhere! When the fiscal cliff issue is over, which we feel it will be (at least some resolution…too much at stake for politicians to allow us to go over the cliff) sooner rather than later, there will be another issue that takes its place, almost immediately.  With the world being so small, and the afore-mentioned wonderfully flowing information and outlets to each and every one of us, THERE WILL BE ANOTHER CRISIS in the headlines after our current ones dissipate!

We are not taking these issues lightly or recommending ignoring, sticking our heads in the sand, or running for the hills.  We only ask everyone to take it with a grain of salt and relax!  We live in a world with a ton of great things going on right now, many of which we have mentioned this week, of course there are negatives, but remember “There is always a crisis!”

Have a great weekend!


PS We hope you enjoyed our week of positives…maybe Zigg will make a return appearance soon !

PSS This week brought 5 early am long runs in preparation for another 26.2 next weekend, apologies to the office and you guys/readers for the hyper activity it created…!

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