Don’t let your Holidays be foiled by the end of the world or a Ninja

All along this year I have worried about Greece, earnings, interest rates, a fiscal cliff, the EU and other matters while forgetting about the end of the world which happens sometime today, what was I thinking…..not holding my breath!

Check out this weather forecast…today is not so good, tomorrow even worse!


Hat tip, Richie Rich!

On a more personal note, and for a good laugh, be sure to turn up the volume up so you can hear the sound.

In this 10 second video of Pam, my wife, decorating Christmas balls for a hockey team, our son who deems himself a Ninja, chops the hand holding the ornament…we will let you figure out when the Ninja chop occurs, but the best part is the verbal reaction.

As you can tell, we are taking a more humorous path today in order to send you into the weekend with the correct spirit for the Holiday Season. We will be in and out of the office over the Holidays, but always connected electronically. As a matter of fact, Cathy is off today and Donald leaving at noon…..not to worry, I know where the buttons are…hah!

There is an old saying, “Markets climb a wall of worry” and what a wall we have… We think they have climbed too high, but oh…we were taking the lighter/humorous path, this discussion can wait for another time.

Enjoy your time with those special in your life and be thankful for all the wonderful things we are so fortunate to have!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and have a great weekend!


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