Housekeeping items…things you never have to do, thanks dad for the reminder (Clients)

Proxy Vote – We vote your proxies for you.  As we enter the season of the Proxy, we want to re-iterate if you are receiving proxy material, let us know as we vote your proxy material in bulk as a courtesy for you and the respective proxy company. The proxy machine is about to rev up, so watch out and let us know promptly if you are receiving them directly.  A special hat tip to Ed Kvale, my dad, who just called with one in his hand…sorry about that dad, thanks dad..we have you covered!

Proxy Season !
Proxy Season !

Address changes and any other account related items…We have them covered. Fortunately we have a team of 8 people (formal name Team 16..sometimes named saviours from our standpoint…haha) dedicated to our firm for service requests. They are awesome, just terrific, and know our needs on a constant basis. If you have any account related change, let us know and we can have it completed in fast and efficient time. You are always free to call directly, but if you do your call will not be routed to our team members and may be delayed.

Never hesitate to pick up the phone or hit send on that email to us….We have you covered, that’s our job!

Have a Great Day!


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