FDIC Guarantee $250k again….MLK Honored Monday

Just a friendly reminder that as of 1-1-2013 the FDIC coverage amounts have dropped back to $250k of funds held in your bank.  Here is a very nice pamphlet released on 1-1-13 from the FDIC showing the various coverages utilizing different names and other helpful examples.FDIC

As a general rule, it most likely does not make sense to have an amount greater than this in a bank account although we understand this may occur from time to time during asset transitions.

Remember as clients your asset protection through our vendor scales up to $150 million, please click here for complete information.

Monday is a Holiday in Honor of Martin Luther King and as such, banks, wire services, brokerage firms, and our firm will be closed.

We wish you a long holiday weekend if you are fortunate to have one, and thanks for following us during our subject light week!


PS Next week begins the full force of 90 day treadmill earning season !

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