When Elephants Dance, Get Off the Dance Floor

The phrase “When Elephants Dance, Get Off the Dance floor” crossed my path for the first time in the fall of 2012, spoken from a good friend of mine under a slightly different context. These words really stuck in my head and I wanted to expand on this catchy phrase.

Being a full-fledged investment nerd, a recent ego poking from high-profile investors Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn caught my attention and brought about this catchy phrase’s use within the publicly traded markets.

Note the marked areas of this stock

HLF Ego War

In this case, I feel certain the company wished it could have gotten off the dance floor as these two elephants caused an almost 50% price loss and then an almost 100% recovery. This is just crazy and silly, and while not passing judgement on these elephants the poor investors were taken on a ride. (Another reason to ALWAYS be diversified…oh I digress)

Last week in this CNBC segment, the truth came out and these two dropped the gloves and their tact throwing verbal hand grenades at each other due in part from a deal that went bad over 8 years ago! While childish and juvenile, the lesson….Get Off the Dance Floor!

Here are a couple of other unrelated ways this phrase might be helpful:

  • Don’t fight the FED
  • Stay out-of-the-way of the elders
  • Careful with clashing family members (Siblings or parents)
  • Watch yourself when powerful co-workers spar
  • My very personal favorite, if you are related closely to twins, for heavens sake let them work it out and do not even go near the dance floor!!!!

Hopefully you liked our light hearted positive start to another great 90 day treadmill week!

Have a super Monday!


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