First Corrected 1099’s are out…There are only TWO a very good sign !

The first corrections to the consolidated 1099’s have be issued and posted as of earlier this week. Much to our surprise and happiness we had TWO…yep, only two. For the record, the lucky two have already been notified.

Only Two!

Only Two!

Receiving only two corrections on the first run is a very good sign. In past years we have received hundreds on the first corrected. Generally (I am saying this quietly as not to jinx it…so shhhhhh…..) the correction runs are smaller each time they are printed. While I am not sure we can get much lower than two, we will certainly keep our eyes wide open and let those lucky few know if they have corrections!!

Have a great day!


PS There are seven 1099 correction runs, but we have yet to get any past the fourth or fifth run…just so you know !

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