Corrected Tax Statement Update…..Time to start on Personal Taxes…..Thanks Team, On the road home

We are happy to report another round of corrected 1099’s has been completed and this time we have none. As we had cautiously stated earlier, when we received only two corrections in the first run, we felt pretty good about the next six, as each run usually has a diminishing head count….but there are still five remaining.2012 1099

Time to start working on the personal taxes for 2012 due April 15, 2013!

If you have not started your personal return data gathering and organization, let this be a gentle push…time to start moving on this, April 15th will be here before you know it. All financial reporting centers are clogged near mid April as duplicate lost requests fill their airwaves. If something is missing, it is much easier to get now rather than later.  Again…green light for gathering but light red light for filing ….just a little longer and we will give you the ok to file.

Exciting information next week..”Mini-Me” Options and A True story: $14,500 Reasons to review your return…

  • On Monday a new mini option contract begins trading…we will speak about it in greater detail as we are interested to see market acceptance.
  • $14,500 Reasons to review your return…we have been waiting for the right time to catch your attention on this true money-saving story….next week this will hit your in-box

On the way back home…thanks team

Today marks a travel day back home and preparation for the regular saddle on Monday. A special thanks to Cathy, Donald, Rich, Kathy, Team 16, technology and my family (early AM patience as I worked each morning) as well as my new-found friends in Starbucks. This week was a happily unusually busy one, and not a beat was missed.  You guys are great!

Have a Great Weekend!


PS Newsletter is coming along nicely….

PSS Yes I am sore…yikes !

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