$14,500 Reasons you might want us to review your tax return…

We are not CPA’s, nor do we do taxes, however as you know we have a very good handle on the entire financial picture. Recently we were presented with a last-minute tax bill (filed an extension) that was out of the range of normal for our contacts. Being short on time the bill was paid and the taxes were filed, however we wanted another look.

No fault of either CPA or Client

As it turns out, through no fault of either the tax professional (CPA) or our clients there was a miss coded item that slipped past both. In defense of all parties, the preparer was new to the situation, the return was more complicated than usual and one party was having health issues.

A $14,500 mistake Uncle Sam $

We were able to spot a mishap as we had records of the issue and confirming statements, much to the happiness of all parties. The net change in taxes was a $14,500 refund. This is an extreme case and what lead us to probe deeper was the uniquely higher amount owed than in prior years. For the tax professional, with no prior background of returns, he was at a disadvantage, both in history and time constraints.

Unique, complicated, or unusual, might be worth a look

If you have a unique change or unusually complicated tax year, feel free to have us lay another set of eyes on the return before the send button is pushed, we will be glad to and will keep a record for your future possible needs or use.

Have a Great less taxable day!


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