Newsletter with Video…..Market’s Closed Friday…..Any Madness Bracket left in tact? Not mine

The Newsletter is almost complete and a very special acknowledgement to Kathy Colvin our editor and caretaker…Where does she get that creativity? Thank you and great work again!13Q2Slider

Absent from this Newsletter is much talk about the markets, earnings and capital market issues…this is by design. In this issue we wanted to focus on longer term planning issues. We hope you enjoy our longer term perspectives.

We are happy to have an expansive, personal video that adds additional points to the Newsletter, out soon as well.

Short Week

Remember Friday is an honored holiday……. government entities, postal services as well as our office will be closed on Friday (Cathy will also be out next Monday…..I will do my best to catch calls…haha)  A group meeting tomorrow afternoon, Thursday, with one of my study groups is also shortening my week even more as I will be out most of the day tomorrow.

Sports Fans

For those March madness fans….hope your bracket looks better than my poor skeletal remains!

Rest of the week and tomorrow’s post

Have a Great Day, tomorrow’s post will bring a simple, short cartoon from our friend (and possible private personal speaker) Axel Merk founder/owner of The Merk Funds.


PS As a follow up to Mondays Identity theft post, just by chance my friend Pamela Yip  has a great Dallas Morning News Identity Theft Article (great minds…)

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