Economics So bad it’s Good…April Gone

Today Big Bernanke and the FOMC gang conclude their official two-day meeting…this one, unfortunately is without press conference and explanation.  In a complete 180 of psychological events,  recent market chatter has changed from taper/ending of Cowbell (AKA Quantitative Easing) to deflation concerns….Wow!

Economic Numbers have been so bad, they are now good?

While we have crowed with a singular voice of late that the capital markets may be a bit too optimistic and earning are not “great…but good to ok” it appears we now have company as most professionals are now looking for a no-show of taper or pause talk and even bubbles of deflationary concerns are now trickling out. While we will not go that far (let’s keep a bit of an even keel here) we do feel there is continued evidence of our posture from the beginning of the year…i.e. Conservative…… Shhh….but whatever you do let’s not tell the Capital Markets as they are auto pilot to new highs…worthy or not.

April Summary and Video Out soon

Hopefully your year is not going as fast as ours, as it only seems like yesterday photowe were turning the dial to 2013. Out soon we will have ANOTHER monthly look back as April has now passed us…..maybe it is the kiddos, if so summer will be here and gone in no time. Take time to enjoy!

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