Old keeps getting older….rightly so in our opinion…Gallup says average retirement age moving up! Server on Notice

Remembering my 101 year old grandmother speaking of the “Old” people that she knows, conjures up how I felt as 40 passed by…some time ago now. Old is definitely getting older with longevity and happiness as factors in our opinion.

Recent Gallup poll Shows Average US Retirement Age is up

According to a recent Gallop poll, see graph below, the average age of retirees or expected retirees is now 61, far from the age 57 retiree in 1991.

Gallop Retirement Age Graph

As you can tell from this Gallup poll, the retirement age is rising and we believe it will continue as self-employment and technology mobility along with improved longevity all add to the equation.

In closing this is a very interesting subject for us and we intend to study it in greater detail along with various aspects of the retirement picture. We may even conduct our own poll in the future. We find often that many are working and intend to work far further into the retirement age zones of old.

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