The Rich Biggest Regret!

We always troll for interesting facts in our readings and when it comes to polls we really listen up.

Rich Biggest Regret Not Having A Financial Plan Sooner

A recent study of over 600 with investable assets of greater than $1 million found that 57% (their top priority) regret not having a “reviewable financial plan” sooner. This is of course music to our ears as we believe everyone should have a plan.regret

It is Never too Late to Start Your Financial Plan

Some of our greatest successes have come late in life for many in developing a plan.  Just because you do not start early does not mean you cannot be a success.

Financial Plan Helps ignore the noise

Let’s face it, we live in a moment by moment society, with even more speed demanded by the next generation (using my kids as an example.)

  • A Financial Plan helps focus on the long-term, ignoring the day-to-day hype
  • A Plan allows for adjustments as life’s curve balls are inevitably thrown
  • A Financial Plan helps keep tabs on historic foot prints and decisions

In closing, we do not know the context of the questions and given their findings it is very interesting to us. Had they had different findings, we would not be talking about it, but taken at face value we find this interesting but not disturbing as it is never too late!

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