Newsletter, June Update, Partial Week Office Hours

The Q 3 2013 Newsletter is well underway and should go to print and web posting early next week. We may decide to call this Newsletter the “Fixed Income Report” as the bulk of the articles are directed towards fixed income given our concerns, and the interest rate movements of late. Of course there will be ample discussions of our Axel Merk roundtable as well.

June 2013 and Mid Year update

We are putting the final touches on the high points of June,  a longer term mid year review and rest of the year look out. With Donald in town last week we unsuccessfully attempted to shoot the video last Friday, but could not work the time in. You are stuck with just me again..haha

Office Hours July 4 2013

We will be closed early on Wednesday July 3, 2103 and Cathy will be off on FourthofJulyFriday. Donald and I will be here briefly Friday July 5 2013 either in person or electronically but we expect more happenings at the swimming pools and beaches around the country than the capital markets.

Have a Great Monday!

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