Escaping the Heat…Summer Friday

August is here, and as mentioned in the Q 3 2013 Newsletter, I will be working remotely for the next several weeks from a cooler area of the country. I will be available easily as we put the recent technology upgrades into motion but not “in the office” so to speak.

August is typically a travel related month for many with much of overseas completely shut down. As such, several family members, friends, a fellow professional, as well as myself, will venture to a cooler climate (not all together, but in the same area….haha)

Posts will continue as normal, and oddly, being away from the five computer screen office brings much clarity. I look forward to sharing cooler and hopefully clearer, world, economic, investing and personal thoughts as well.

Summer Friday Mountain EveBut hey…that all starts next week…today is ANOTHER wonderful summer Friday…so enjoy, and don’t forget to spend time with those special in your life! Have  great Day!

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