Jackson “Bernanke-less” Hole Meeting …The LAST day of the summer?

Each year since 1981 at this time of the year the Bank of Kansas City invites major Fed heads, economists, and educators (which then leads to swarms of press) to Jackson Hole Wyoming for an extend visit at the Jackson Lake Lodge.

Big Ben Skips Jackson Hole

So if you were afraid of being re-appointed, or really wanted to get the point across that you did not want to do another term as Fed Chairman, skipping the Jackson Hole event would be the nail in the coffin. Just as we said much earlier in the year, Big Ben is out and skipped the event, confirming our fate as professional investors, the need of figuring out who the next chief will be.

Jackson Hole Less about Economics: Posturing

Ohhh, to be a fly on the wall, this year we feel the Jackson Hole event is less about Economics and more about posturing.  Certainly behind the scenes, daggers, compliments, and favors are flying like flies as the possible new Fed Chief will certainly rise over this meeting.


Today is a travel day as we head back to home base from our remotely connected office. It has been nice working remotely and staying in touch with the capital markets and clients as well. From a technology standpoint…..while a little loose out of the gate, it came through terrifically (thank goodness for the tether wifi feature) and we look forward to a repeat next year. Thanks again to Cathy, Donald, Team 16 and the gang for the smooth sailing.

LAST day of the Summer??

According to my kids, today is the VERY LAST day of summer as Monday marks the dreaded start of school for them….the flu is better…according to them… End of Summer

If they are correct, be sure to enjoy and spend time with those special in your life.

Happy Friday!

John Kvale

PS Football Season Anyone ???

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  1. John great newsletter I am in Manila and enjoyed reading it. Tell the family hi…the end of summer came to fast.
    Bill Richard

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