US Government Shutdown…short note

With a lot to say this week we will keep this short. Obviously the respective parties did not see our C’mon note last Friday. Various parts of the US Government shut down last night with political swords clashing.

It may seem weird that capital markets are not acting bad. The assumption at this time is this will be short-lived and we have been here before. The longer this goes on, the greater certain companies, industries and our economy will feel the pain. At least we are not overrunning our budget!

Markets WILL eventually throw a temper tantrum if this continues, which it looks like is what is going to need to happen for the swords to be dropped.

Buckle Up ! We are happily driving carefully, but potholes exist.

Watching Interest rates for problems….Ignore the noise….Next hurdle October 17, Debt Ceiling Day.

Have a Good Day!

John Kvale
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