Video Email, Like a Sock in the Washer … Article Overflow … Friday …

It totally beats me as to why a you tube video sent via email would be so hard to get working, but like a sock in the washer, it vanishes frequently.

Video Absent  From October Update Email notificationHappy Washer

In Monday’s post, the video did not come through  on the email notification, but worked just fine on the actual article here and the Video tab here. The November Video will be sent multiple ways, we promise.

The cup overfloweth

Some weeks it is tough to write and others, like right now, I have so much to talk about it is hard to get it all in. Sorry for the extra articles this week….but…but ….  I just could not help it.  Coming soon,  updates on Wire Fraud, Reverse Repos, Secret FOMC tradition that may extend Fed easing, death and account access….just to name a few….

Ahhhh but that is next week, and this is a Friday. Which brings me to the hopeful slaying of the 4 hour 26.2 beast. Fingers crossed for body togetherness and low lactic acid build up on Monday.

Don’t forget to spend time with those special in your life….time is going fast…Thanksgiving will be here before we know it!

Have a Great Day and thanks for reading, see you next week!!

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