Realized Gains and Loss Tax Report …. RMD Letters … Travel Reminder

Since we have had so many posts this week I will keep this one short and sweet for your reading pleasure !

Realized Gains and Loss Report Complete

All Realized Gains and Loss Reports have either been posted to your Personal Vault or are on their way to your mailbox. Reports were completed and mailed yesterday !Gains and Losses

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Notification

Per US Federal Tax rules, investment firms holding Qualified (IRA, SEP, 401k etc) funds at year end December 31 are forced to let you know what your RMD is for the current/following year by January 31 .

As such you will receive notification from ALL firms holding ALL accounts (no matter how many you have) noting your total mandated RMD for that specific account. This is the total RMD mandated for the current year and needs to be withdrawn by the end of the current year.

Whew…sorry that got wordy, my point was to let you know most likely you are receiving automated notices that you have 11 months to complete….. much better.

Travels and Office Schedule

One of my favorite Willie Nelson songs is “On the Road Again” …. and I am …just to let you know.

Also, Monday is Presidents day, with Capital Markets, Banks and Government entities closed, our office will be as well. We are never far from technology … yaya Nerds…

Have a good day!

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