Important Notification on K-1 (Clients) … K-1 No More!

With tax forms arriving in bulk last week and this week, we wanted to remind everyone (clients) about the pesky K-1.

If you are waiting for a K-1 as in years past….Good News !K-1

No Core holding K-1’s This Year

Last tax filing year (2012) marked the final year of a core position with a K-1. The investment was sold and we FINALLY ended our marriage with the annual K-1 tax form wait.

As you may recall it was always late, complicated, and ran through several areas of our tax return. Even with these tax troubles our reason for selling was not bound by this, (we TRY to not let the tax tail wag the dog) but it is gone, and will not be in your core 2013 tax return!

Have a good day !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS With so many posts last week …. we wanted to take it easier on your in-box this week !
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