Political Fragmentation … Beware the Calm … Summer Friday

Earlier this week a political David versus Goliath occurred with a steadfast incumbent Eric Cantor, being handily overthrown by a relatively unknown.  Politics are only our thing to the point that they change economic situations, which is actually frequently.  Needless to say we are on watch.

Beware the CalmCalm

Hopefully it is the summer and not complacency. Given record low trading volumes and a  general lack of participation by many, we do think it is the former and not the latter. We are brewing some examples of complacency and the problems with it to reach your eyes soon.

Today is a Friday (the 13th, but we are not superstitious ..haha), with two heavy posts earlier this week; with the wheels up and headed home over the weekend, we look forward to visiting next week from our normal perch.

Happy Father’s Day to all … Don’t forget to spend time with those special in your life, we are almost half way through 2014!

Enjoy Your Weekend!

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