Personal Story … My 102 Year Old Grandmother

We talk of long-term planning and often times it takes an event to remind just what LONG TERM means.

Retirement Planning for the long-term

Thanks to all you for the condolences and understanding as I have been on the road due to the passing of my 102 year old grandmother. She lived a very happy life and remained in her home alone until age 95 and she is in a better place now, with all family agreeing.Long Term

Yes, 95 … When we complete retirement planning and analysis, especially for the young retirees … this is one of the reasons we are very conservative. Who knows how long we may be fortunate to live … I hope for all of us, healthy and happy and VERY long.

Being conservative for life, economic, and world disruptions and interruptions has served us very well. Often times it takes a personal reminder to re-emphasize our posture. Thanks Again !

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4 responses to “Personal Story … My 102 Year Old Grandmother

  1. Bill and Maryann,

    Thanks a bunch, she was really very happy and lived a terrific life.

    Thanks again,


  2. Bruce/Deb,
    Thanks so much, I agree too, and she lived a very long and wonderful life..

    Thanks again

  3. John we were sorry to hear about your grandmother. By the tone of your posting she lead a long and healthy life at home until 95 years old. That is a true blessing and those of us who put our faith in our creator know she is truly in a better and happier place now.
    Bruce and Deb

  4. John
    Very sorry to hear about your Grandmother. our prayers are with her.
    Best Regards
    Bill and Maryann

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