Earnings Updates … Busy Next Week

Yesterday (7-24-14) there were 50 companies in the S&P 500 (our favorite domestic index) reporting earnings. Making us very much in the middle of earnings season.

Earnings Season – So Far So GoodTreadmill

Coming into this quarter’s 90 day treadmill, AKA earnings season, expectations were for about 5-6% growth. Well….it looks like we are going to do just that. Some may argue the bar was low. Stepping over a lower bar is much better than falling short of a higher bar.

Even though it is earnings season, market participants are scarce based on volume and odd trading patterns.  Over all, so far so good ! More to come after we get farther along.

Due Diligence Meeting

Next week very early on Wednesday I travel to the land of the Longhorn for a due diligence meeting with a major financial firm to review their offerings in person and meet management.  Donald “The Brain” and I have been researching them for about six months now and expect to bring you more information soon.

Ahhhh….but today is a Friday (hot Friday here)  and that means its time to enjoy those special in your life…it’s goes fast…cherish the moments !!

See you next week !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS I will be on the road for most of early August, working remotely far from the heat as in the past several years, with family (dad & family too), fellow professionals, friends, and cool weather …. tethered heavy electronically.

PSS Correction from last weeks summer reading post, the Mrs. is a Vegetarian, not Vegan.

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