Social Security Benefit for Spouse, Living and Deceased (Audio)

Today as a fundamental building ground, we discuss the basic spousal benefits from a married and married widower spouses of the primary income earner.  Included is audio from Mr. Tom Clark on the subject.  This audio will be posted here on our Social Security page too.

Spousal BenefitsSpouse

A spouse married to a higher income earner gets one half the benefit of their spouse, or their own full benefit, which ever is more. This benefit is dependent on  the  age of the beneficiary.

Widower Benefit

A widow gets the full benefit of the spouse upon death, OR his or her own, whichever is more. A common mistake is that the living spouse gets both, however this is not correct, only the highest full benefit of either party possible. This benefit is for spouses that are married at the time of death, we will discuss former divorcee benefits, in a future post.

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