Are Markets Efficient ? Not Always …

There are lessons to be learned from certain events. Recently one lesson played out loud and clear.

What a wild ride !

Proof Of Market Inefficiencies

Stock Pop Chart(Sorry the chart is hard to read, its cropped to cut out the name)

This 5 cent stock with no earnings, one employee, and a suspicious foreign address jumped to over $21, nearing a multi billion dollar valuation. Regulators stepped in and halted the stock for multiple days. When it was re-opened, it crashed back down to earth.

Magnified Example

This of course is an extreme example but it is worth remembering at all times, the markets are not always efficient. (Thank goodness, if they were perfectly, there would be less opportunity to earn a return.)

Have a Great Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS Beware of any stock under $5 … usually bad news.
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