Full Retirement Benefits and Delayed Social Security Benefits Explained … Widow and Spouse Benefit VERY IMPORTANT Note

In our continued discovery and education of the Social Security system and benefits from our Private Client Roundtable earlier this year, we are happy to bring you information about Full Retirement Benefits. Widow and Spousal only benefit receivers should take careful notes.

Full and Delayed Social Security Benefits Explained


  • Delayed retirement credits occur by delaying benefits past full retirement benefits (has increased recently)
  • 8% per year increase for delaying YOUR benefits until age 70
  • Spouses or Widow benefits DO NOT receive delayed retirement credits (Do not delay past full retirement age if you fall in this category)

Here are full retirement ages as of 2014, from Social Security Administration: (Caution, these may change in the future)

Social Full Retirment Beneifts Age as of 2014

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