Medicare Intro … Part A and B Overview (First of Series on Medicare)

After seven weeks of dissecting Social Security, again from our Private Client Roundtable, this week we begin digging into Medicare. According to our speaker Mr. Tom Clark, as you will hear in great detail, Medicare is even more important and dynamic than Social Security.

We have a new Medicare Page on this site as some are still not receiving the all important audio portion on the email notification.

Let’s get going!

Medicare Basics


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  • Medicare Age 65 Commences for ALL
  • Part A = Hospital In Coverage – No Cost due to FICA tax subsidization
  • Part B = All Important as it has a cost starting at about $105/month (about 1/4 of the cost, with 3/4 of the cost subsidized by the government with a sliding upward cost offset scale amount at certain income levels)
    • Since there is a cost, you can turn down Part B .. but wait ..

Stay tuned as our next Medicare analysis post discusses:


according to our speaker Mr. Tom Clark.

Thank you for listening to our ongoing analysis of Social Security and Medicare from our Private Client Roundtable Event.

Have a Great Day!

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