Exactly Half Way Through Historically the Worst Month of the Year … FED Meet & Speak Week

The good news is we are half way through. The bad news is we still have a few weeks to go.

September Blues

For some reason, September still remains the worst month for capital markets. Originally when the US depended more on the crop cycles, September marked the “make it or break it” month for the season, leading to volatility in capital markets.Blues

Hard to believe such a dated historical reason would still create angst, but it does. If  you have been reading our work, you know five years is a short time frame for us, so a month is much like a single second in a twenty-four hour period of time. Just a blip!

It may get bumpy before we are over, but the good news is October through January are “historically” the best months of the year! (again, very short time frames)

Federal Reserve (FOMC) Speak Week

Tomorrow and Wednesday, Janet Yellen and the rest of the Federal Reserve members meet. Of extra importance in this meeting is the fact that members update their thoughts on the economy. A collective increase in economic assessments by members should push interest rates higher and provide further evidence for (in our opinion), much-needed eventual rate increases!

Here is where they were in June with a few pointers from Morgan Stanley.

June 2014 FOMC Dot Chart

Should be a fun week ! We will update with any interesting news!

Have a Great Day!

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